di·vi·sion | \ də-ˈvi-zhən:  

1. the act or process of dividing; the state of being divided

2. a competitive class or category



Division 73 was established as a standout, boutique talent agency in Vancouver. We proudly represent some of the best talent in the commercial, voice, and print markets across North America. 


With decades of experience in the entertainment industry, we set ourselves apart by having worked in nearly every aspect of the industry ourselves. We pride ourselves on our highly personalized approach to artist representation, offering one-on-one support and guidance at every turn.  


Our talent have booked commercials, print, and voice work for clients such as Subaru, Toyota, Exxon, Lululemon, Arcteryx, Bell, Rogers, Tylenol, Humira, Global TV/Corus Entertainment, and many more.  Our roster is comprised of both established and developing talent, but all share the desire to stand out and be competitive in their category—the hallmarks of Division 73. 


Our team is dedicated to promoting those performers who are most passionate about and committed to their acting careers. To that end, we recommend that our talent take actors' workshops and skill-specific classes on a semi-regular basis. We do not receive any incentives or kickbacks from anyone when we suggest certain classes or workshops.


We represent seasoned union and non-union actors alike, as well as "real people" (a term used by casting directors to describe anyone who doesn't fall into the stereotypical 'leading man/woman' or 'model' role). We represent athletes, models, stand-up comedians, voice actors, and spokespeople as well. We also have a very successful kids' roster.


Finally—we are committed to being the best talent agency we can be while representing the best commercial talent in Vancouver. 





We do not charge a fee to join our roster, EVER. In fact, it is illegal for any talent agency in British Columbia to charge upfront fees of any kind. We do take a 15% commission (industry standard) on our talents' gross earnings, which is how we are paid. In effect, we only get paid when we get you work. Therefore, we work very hard to submit our people for the right roles; we want our talent working as much as possible.


Although there are no upfront fees to join our roster, there are some associated costs involved in obtaining work in the acting industry, whether for commercial casting or in film & TV. These costs can include membership to various submission platforms, getting new headshots done, or taking classes and workshops, etc.


We do not take or provide headshots for our talent. However, we do recommend some really great photographers whose work we love. Our commercial and print actors are asked to have headshots taken that depict a more natural, everyday look, as opposed to something more in line with film and TV 'character' roles. For those select few who do work in more than one area, however, they would have different looks on hand to send to the different casting directors. 


We do not teach or provide acting classes of any kind. As mentioned, we simply recommend certain classes or workshops taught by industry professionals with whom we've worked and whose talents we respect and admire. We do not receive any incentives or kickbacks from anyone when making such recommendations. In some cases, however, we may be eligible for a group discount on the cost of tuition if we send several people at a time to a particular workshop or class. This directly benefits our talent. 


Finally, we do not make promises of any kind to our talent, except that we endeavour to work as hard as humanly possible for you, as long as you endeavour in turn to invest in your own career as long as you stay with us. There are no guarantees in this industry and we cannot promise talent they will make a certain amount of money or book a certain number of jobs. To do so would simply be irresponsible, misleading, and unethical. 




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For artist representation, please see our 'Representation' page for more info.

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